The Prehistoric Rock Shelters of Laugerie-Basse


Located a few dozen meters from the Grand Roc Cave, the rock shelters of Laugerie-Basse, a prehistoric site dating from -15,000 and -10,000 BP, have been a reference for prehistorians the world over.

Thanks to the many archaeological discoveries made here, the shelters show evidence of cultural and artistic activity unrivalled in the region, or even anywhere else in Europe.

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Delve into Prehistory with your family! With a 3D film and digital tablets, discover how and why mankind has lived in this place since prehistoric times...

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Listed as a World Heritage Site, this site is exceptional for the quantity, diversity, and quality of the 600 works of art found there. A 3D film explains how this type of shelter was formed, and a room features copies of the most beautiful pieces: an engraved bone washer, a harpoon, a statuette of a horse’s head and a female figurine called "Venus Without Shame". Visit the site with a digital tablet or a booklet or take a guided tour in summer.

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Immerse yourself in the daily life of the Cro-Magnon people and find out how they really lived and what tools they used, thanks to an interactive augmented reality experience!

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