A Family Day Out in Prehistory!

Located a few dozen meters from the Grand Roc Cave, the rock shelters of Laugerie-Basse, a prehistoric site dating from -15,000 and -10,000 BC, have been a reference for prehistorians the world over.

Thanks to the many archaeological discoveries made here, the shelters show evidence of cultural and artistic activity unrivalled in the region, or even anywhere else in Europe.

The quantity and exceptional variety of decorated objects found at the site provide a perfect illustration of the artistic capacities of these “modern” prehistoric people.

Discover Laugerie-Basse

carte laugerie
  • 1 Carpark
  • 2 Shop Entrance
  • 3 3D film Projection Room
  • 4 The Cro-Magnon Architectural Workshop
  • 5 Ruins of semi-troglodyte houses (putlog holes, hood moulding)
  • 6 The rockshelter "les Marseilles" and the Lookout post
  • 7 Stratigraphic Cross Sections
  • 8 Semi-troglodyte Houses
  • 9 Restaurant
  • 10 Ruins of semi-troglodyte houses (putlog holes, hood moulding)
  • 11 Staircase leading to the Grand Roc Cave

Experience a Prehistoric, Archaeological UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Family Day Out trail is a great introduction to the wealth that the site has to offer. It starts with a 3D film which discusses the site in general (geology, archaeology, way of life and symbolic expression) and shows you, close up and from every angle, the objects for which Laugerie-Basse is famous.

Next, using an interactive tablet, children and grown-ups alike can carry out a fun, virtual archaeological excavation of their own and see, with the help of augmented reality, what this site was really like thousands of years ago.

  • Outdoor visit – as long as you like
  • Free visit of the shelter of Laugerie Basse
  • Tablets are handed out at the reception desk
  • Come and discover this exceptional rock shelter, home of our ancestors and one of the must-see sites in Périgord!
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Don't forget the Dual Ticket!

Enjoy a guided visit of the Grand Roc Cave and a non-guided visit of the Rock Shelters of Laugerie Basse, both of them UNESCO World Heritage Sites, at a discount. Book a visit to the Grand Roc and then you are free to visit Laugerie Basse whenever you want, as the ticket is valid (once) until the end of the current calendar year.

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